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Drug Mafia to face longer jail-term :

MIAMI - A Colombian who was one of the top financial managers and supervised money-laundering for a cocaine cartel accused of smuggling $10 billion in drugs into the US was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison.Eugenio Montoya Sanchez, 39, pleaded guilty in January to drug trafficking and obstruction of justice charges, the latter involving his role in setting up the torture, killing and dismemberment a cartel associate suspected of cooperating with authorities. In a brief statement, Montoya expressed remorse."There is no justification for what I did," Montoya said through a Spanish interpreter. Montoya is the brother of the purported mastermind of Colombia's North Valley cartel. Diego Montoya Sanchez is also in U.S. custody in Miami and has pleaded not guilty to a 12-count indictment charging cocaine trafficking, money laundering, witness retaliation and obstruction of justice. Another brother, Juan Carlos Montoya Sanchez, is serving a 22-year prison sentence in the U.S. his role in the drug cartel.

Renowned antiquities of Bangkok expert died in US jail :

The director of a Bangkok museum, a renowned Asian-antiquities expert, has died in a US jail after being arrested in Seattle by agents investigating illegal trafficking of pilfered Southeast Asian art. Roxanna Brown, 62, director of the Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum at Bangkok University, was found dead about 2.30am on Wednesday (4.30pm Thai time), Detention Center spokeswoman Maggie Ogden said.
Ms Brown, a US citizen, was arrested on Friday in Seattle, where she was due to speak at the University of Washington. Her brother, Fred Brown of Chicago, told she appeared to have suffered a heart attack. He said his sister maintained she was innocent, and he blamed the stress of her arrest for her death. "She wasn't in good health to begin with, but they definitely brought on the heart attack," he said. Ms Brown became interested in Asian art while a journalist covering the Vietnam War, and she rose to become one of the foremost authorities on the ancient ceramics trade in Southeast Asia.

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